Co founded in 2015 at Santos (Brazil) by Bruno Vieira, with university degree in business logistics, and Fabrício Godoy, with university degree in Computer Network and Information Technology, made this company to attend market demand, aiming to add value for partners with agility, commitment and quality on your services.

Operating initially on national basis and servicing to companies of all sizes, Lepaho commits to software development and consulting in several IT branches, always maintaining excellence and engagement.

Mission:  Expand IT solutions, acting in a committed and agile way, increasing the quality and punctuality level, leading to a higher value, always taking into account the ethical and business principles.

Vision:  Establish as a permanent IT service provider, backed by creativity, quality level and efficiency.

Values:  Consideration to ethical and business principles, continuous focus on professionalism and commitment to results and deadlines, deliver innovation and creativity, generate personal and professional growth, ensure quality standards, and build a foundation for values and structure.


  • Android

    Application development in accordance with latest market demands.

  • Security

    Computer network infrastructure management, consulting and engineering.

  • Software

    Software development and consulting, servicing to critical demands with quality and efficiency.

  • Networks

    Computer network security consulting and related software development.

  • The Lepaho develops applications to several platforms as Java, Android, .NET and Node.JS, with the languages C#, Java, ASP.NET, Javascript and Go. On network management servicing we have distinct offer of monitoring, backup and security, besides of huge experience with VMware, Fortinet, Microsoft Exchange, pfSense, iptables, Linux, Zabbix, Bacula, among others.